October 30, 2018

"People want this kind of publication—one that is accessible and inclusive, and that focuses each issue on a timely social question." – Sofia Misenheimer

I was interviewed by Arts Life Magazine about about why I founded Art/iculation and how our team keeps the publicati...

April 7, 2018

Published in Art/iculation.

Une échange avec Starchild Stela, un.e artiste visuel.le montréalais.e connu pour ses graffitis féministes et ses œuvres d’art autour des soins personnels et de la survie face au traumatisme.

« Portraits non-binaires » par Starchild Stela...

September 7, 2017

I loved filming the March for Trans Migrant Rights in Montreal and catching some of the displays of strength, dignity, and friendship on camera. I produced this promotional video for Fierté Trans to document their ongoing protest against Quebec's prevention of tra...

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