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Mural Voices: A radio documentary

January 2, 2017

Mural Voices - Sofia Misenheimer
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Listen through the creation and significance of the longest uncommissioned work of street art in Montreal. Providing an intersectional snapshot of the neighbourhood, this radio documentary explores the local stories surrounding the iconic community mural on rue Knox in Pointe-Saint-Charles, created in 2013 by Collective Au Pied du Mur​.


This documentary and its public presentation were a contribution to the Right to the City pedagogical innovation project, led by Dr. Cynthia Hammond, Concordia University. For more information, visit


Chiraz Belhardi (interviewee)

Alex Camino (interviewee)

Shaen Johnston (interviewee)

Graciella (interviewee)

Paul Dumas (interviewee)

Tony Manelli (interviewee)

Fraser Munden (interviewee)

Audrey Anctil (voiceover)

David Rawalia (voiceover)

Boxcat Games -- Against the wall (opening song)

Circus Marcus -- Je pars (middle song)

Garmisch -- And now we stand against the wall (closing song)

Sofia Misenheimer (producer/narrator)

CBC Interview about Mural Voices

December 3, 2016

Right To The City closing showcase in Pointe-Saint-Charles - All in a Weekend CBC Montreal
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CBC interview about the documentary, and The Right to the City class it was produced for, on All in a Weekend, with Dr. Cynthia Hammond, Sonali Karnick, and Sofia Misenheimer. Click here for the CBC page.

The Right to the City Showcase

December 3, 2016

Set-up across from the Knox St. mural, visitors were invited to stop by the Mural Voices table and learn more about the public artwork from the perspective of local residents. A poster with bilingual translations of resident interviews situated commentary on different parts of the wall. Headphones uploaded with interview clips provided the opportunity for listeners to engage directly with local voices. A booklet with interview excerpts in English and French, a link to the Mural Voices radio documentary, and ready-to-colour mural images, was distributed to visitors. Over one hundred individuals stopped by the table, including both long-term residents and first-time visitors to Pointe-Saint-Charles.


A link to the Mural Voices radio documentary was posted on the Knox St. utility poles, as well as on the community billboard portion of the mural (the newspaper toward the right side of the wall) to ensure public accessibility of the audio.

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