Published in The McGill Daily.

On unrestricted access to dignified abortion care on 30th anniversary of abortion decriminalization in Canada.

Mainstream conceptions of “self-care” often centre on consumerism, such as manicures and spa trips, which are far from the original meaning of the phrase. Black feminist theorist, Audre Lorde, originated the term in the context of “self-preservation” and survival for Black women. Marsha Jo...

April 7, 2018

Published in Art/iculation.

Une échange avec Starchild Stela, un.e artiste visuel.le montréalais.e connu pour ses graffitis féministes et ses œuvres d’art autour des soins personnels et de la survie face au traumatisme.

« Portraits non-binaires » par Starchild Stela est une célébration de la diversité au sein de la communauté non-binaire de Montréal. La série de portraits dessinés à la main montre des sujets dans une variét...

March 24, 2018

Published in Kolaj Magazine.

Parisian artist Lilyluciole pieces together “unseen” identities through collage portraiture

Fragility and resilience harmonize like yin and yang in Lilyluciole’s ongoing series, ‘Belles de Rue’. Her ephemeral collages, emblazoned on the walls of Paris, compel viewers to acknowledge the dignity and strength of ‘hidden’ women in the city. Each portrait features a model whose appearance breaks from ster...

November 24, 2017

Published in Kolaj Magazine.

Kenyan collagist, Jacque Njeri, elevates African identity to celestial heights

The act of looking forward and backward at the same time poses little challenge for artist Jacque Njeri. Her collage practice overcomes physical impossibility to propel viewers into a realm of simultaneous reflection on the past and vision for the future. Building on the theme of pan-African identity at the heart of her St...

August 1, 2017

In cities with towering wall designs and commissioned murals around every corner, it takes a keen eye to spot the smaller, independent street art gems – the surprise encounters that claim the bricks of an alleyway, the base of a lamppost, or the door on a rooftop – that interrupt the everyday and encourage contemplation...

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