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Montreal goes back to Bassix

Published in The Concordian.

Custom subs are music to the ears of local sound system crew

Music festival season is still around the corner for most Montrealers, but for one local sound system crew it has already begun. Last month, MTL Bassix unleashed the full force of its revamped ‘wall of sound’ at Freegloofest, drawing over 200 underground music fans to a remote industrial park for a night of revelry...

MTL Bassix members and friends setting up for Freegloofest

(from left to right): Gunnar “Phaedrus” Heiberg, Francis “Lockout” Lussier

(from right to left): Jeremy “Jaycore” Jarry-Trottier, Patrick “Propaganja” Labelle, Thomas “Druide” Fournier.

Photo by MTL Bassix Production.

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