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This New Montreal-Area Selfie Studio Has 25 Unique, Photo-Perfect Rooms Including A Ball Pit

It's a treasure trove of visual candy.

If a picture paints a thousand words, then Laval's new photography hotspot, Le Saint Motel, is a saga of self-expression. The kitsch-themed wonderland is a repurposed tanning salon where UV rays have given way to the radiant glow of an interactive art studio. Now, it's turning the traditional concept of a selfie on its head.

Upon entry, the tropical ambiance of sunbaked straw roofs and palm tree motifs on cabana-style rooms instantly transports you to a vacation state of mind. The former tanning booths, connected by a charming wooden boardwalk, now make up over two dozen unique settings made by Montreal artists that are waiting to be explored and captured.

Published on MTL Blog.


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