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Women of Many Parts

Parisian artist Lilyluciole pieces together “unseen” identities through collage portraiture

Fragility and resilience harmonize like yin and yang in Lilyluciole’s ongoing series, ‘Belles de Rue’. Her ephemeral collages, emblazoned on the walls of Paris, compel viewers to acknowledge the dignity and strength of ‘hidden’ women in the city. Each portrait features a model whose appearance breaks from stereotypical conceptions of French national identity. Often perceived as immigrants or outsiders, these women straddle a realm of invisibility and hypervisibility, of neglect and constant surveillance, that Lilyluciole aims to unpack through poignant photography interlaced with thread, cut-outs, and stencilling.

"I don't try to make my work permanent. Some street artists use techniques to keep their work up as long as possible. On the contrary, I affirm the fragility of paper, of life, the impermanence of everything." -- Lilyluciole

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