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Micro-Distilleries Petition Provincial Government To Lift Local Spirits

An industrial part of LaSalle, known for its history of alcohol production, has become the new home of a micro-distillery pushing the provincial government for historic change.

1769 Distillery, along with other local small-batch spirit producers, have launched a petition calling on the Quebec National Assembly to loosen Prohibition-era laws that tax and regulate high-proof spirits differently from fermented alcoholic drinks.

Unlike wine, cider and beer makers, craft distillers have to pay the government a 52% surtax on any bottle sold and they can't sell directly to bars or restaurants.

"We're asking the government to look at us as a new industry and to help us reinvest money back into our companies so we can grow," said Maureen David, president of 1769 Distillery.

Published on CJAD 800.


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