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Mapping Montreal Must-Sees

#SofiaStaycations: Where in Montreal?

I visit a hidden gem in the city every month, from unusual parks and quirky shops to little-known monuments and must-try restaurants, to encourage city exploration and support local businesses amid the pandemic.

What started as a radio segment two years ago has gone fully digital ⁠— you can subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on Instagram for updates.

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July 2023

This New Montreal-Area Selfie Studio Has 25 Unique, Photo-Perfect Rooms Including A Ball Pit

If a picture paints a thousand words, then Laval's new photography hotspot,
Le Saint Motel, is a saga of self-expression. And it's turning the traditional concept of a selfie on its head.


June  2023

This Montreal Mansion For Rent Is A Retro Fever Dream Come To Life

There's a place in Châteauguay where yesterday has a standing invitation, the banal blossoms into the bizarre, and every piece of furniture has a better backstory than you.


There you are, standing in Montreal's Old Port, gazing at the geometric cascade that is Habitat 67, and the thought pops into your head that it seems somewhat incomplete. Well, you're on to something.

May 2023

What Montreal's Iconic Habitat 67 Was Supposed To Look Like


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