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Mapping Montreal Must-Sees

#SofiaStaycations: Where in Montreal?

I visit a hidden gem in the city every month, from unusual parks and quirky shops to little-known monuments and must-try restaurants, to encourage city exploration and support local businesses amid the pandemic.

What started as a radio segment two years ago has gone fully digital ⁠— you can subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on Instagram for updates.

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December 2022

Canadians Are Obsessed With This AI Photo App — Here's Why (& Why It's Contentious)

AI-generated portraits are flooding social media in Canada. Those images all stem from the Lensa app and the hype surrounding it has pushed the photo editor viral.


After doomscrolling for over a year, researchers found animals wrapped in mask ear bands, dredging up medical debris from waterways and incorporating the waste into their nests.

August 2022

Canadian Researchers Found Where Discarded COVID-19 Masks End Up & It's Heartbreaking

Organic Strawberries

July  2021

Quebec Farmers Scrambling To Sell Bumper Berry Crop

A hotter than usual summer is bringing an influx of fresh berries to Montreal market stalls and grocery stores—a treat for local fruit lovers, that's leaving many farmers in the lurch.


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