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Emerging Excellence Gold Winner

It was incredibly humbling and encouraging to receive the Emerging Excellence Award for my work on Art/iculation in front of so many of the talented journalists, editors, and publishers who inspire me!

Many thanks to the judges and to the organizing team behind the Digital Publishing Awards for this wonderful honour and for celebrating Canadian media talent! And congratulations to all of the #DPA19 finalists and winners for your well-deserved recognition!

Thank you again so much to Alanna Thain for nominating me, believing in me, and providing such wonderful mentorship and support during my time as a grad student!

And immense thanks to Vincent Mousseau, our editorial team, and all of the incredible writers, poets, artists, and scholars who have contributed to Art/iculation over the last few years! You are the reason for the magazine's impact and success and I'm grateful and humbled to have had the chance to work with you!

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