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This Downtown Montreal Sleep Oasis Is A Dreamy Fusion of Art & Tech With Nooks To Nap

For the insomniacs and the siesta seekers.

Sleep may be a basic human need, but "InSomnolence" is anything but ordinary. Until July 13, downtown Montreal is hosting a unique playground for night owls, day nappers, and every circadian rhythm on the spectrum. The imaginative exhibit is a blend of art, science, and technology, deconstructing your perceptions of sleep and offering a unique sensory journey through the world of slumber and dreams.

"Think of it as a potential napping zone in the city," project co-founder Alanna Thain told MTL Blog, entering the space through an inconspicuous courtyard near Place des Arts. "You're not only invited but given lots of different means to lie down and rest and spend time. If you come here to explore, or you close your eyes for the entirety of the exhibition, both would be completely correct," she said.

Published in MTL Blog.


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