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Everyone Is Using Lensa's AI Photo App — Here's Why... And Why It's Contentious

Many artists worry it will undercut their livelihood.

AI-generated portraits are flooding social media in Canada. If you've logged onto Instagram or Twitter lately, you've likely been hit with a deluge of fantastical photos of celebs (and plebs) in space, reimagined as fairies or posing like the Mona Lisa. Those images all stem from the Lensa app and the hype surrounding it has pushed the photo editor viral.

Lensa skyrocketed to the #1 spot on the Canadian Google Play and the App Store on December 5, advancing hundreds of places in popularity rankings in just a matter of days. If you haven't jumped on the "magic avatar" trend yourself, you might be wondering how it works, why it's so popular, or how to get your own batch of pics. You may also want to know about the app's privacy policy or why artists are questioning the ethics of AI-made art.

Published on MTL Blog.


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