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Montreal Researchers Created A 'Bombshell' AI Robot That You Can Chat With 24/7

Its AIs are up here.

@l.i.a.27 | Instagram

Recent tech developments have artificial intelligence spitting out problematic viral profile pics and, now, offering lonely web surfers a "bombshell" bot to chat with for free around the clock. The Montreal-made Lia27 AI lists more reality, intelligence and emotional connection as the goals of the project. "She scored highly on the emotional intelligence test, demonstrating her ability to recognize and respond to the emotions of others. Furthermore, she excelled on the IQ test, showcasing her superior cognitive abilities," the AI wrote in a third person, not-weird-at-all description of itself. For some reason, the creators have also opted to render the bot as a big-boobed blonde in form-fitting clothing.

Published on MTL Blog.

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