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The Habs just signed a player with a sex-related offense conviction and Twitter is losing it

His entry-level contract will last three years.

The Montreal Canadiens have signed Logan Mailloux, a defenceman with a conviction for a sex-based offense, whose selection in the 2021 draft divided fans (even Trudeau weighed in on the pick). Debate on Twitter was reignited Wednesday following GM Kent Hughes' announcement that the Habs have agreed to a three-year, entry-level contract with Mailloux.

"This is a decision that we have thought through carefully. Having Logan around members of our team and hockey operations staff for a good part of the summer allowed us to gain a greater appreciation of Logan Mailloux the person," said the general manager.

Mailloux was convicted by Swedish courts in 2020 for taking and distributing a sexually explicit photo of an 18-year-old without her consent and ordered to pay a fine. Critics of the team's decision to draft the player, despite his public request to withdraw from consideration, contend that a similar guilty verdict in Canada could have legally rendered Mailloux a juvenile sex offender.

Published on MTL Blog.


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