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This new Montreal store sells wine, beer and whiskey that won't give you a hangover

You can enjoy the party and remember the night.

@sofsilva.mtl | Instagram

Hochelaga's Apéro à Zéro serves an unusual menu: whiskey that won't wobble your walk, beer without the buzz, and wine that leaves your head clear. The Montreal liquor store specializes in non-alcoholic versions of classic drinks, delivering all the taste without the tipsiness.

Co-founded by Marilou Lapointe and Sophie Anne Aubin, the new store fills a previously unmet need in the market. Five years ago, the duo struggled to find quality zero-proof beverages, only to be disappointed by uninspiring beers and sour wines.

Driven by a shared vision, they created Quebec's first alcohol-free store. Doubling as an event space, it welcomes mindful drinkers and those on the path to sobriety, offering a social setting without the pressure to consume alcohol.

Published in MTL Blog.


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