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Cut and Spaced

Kenyan collagist, Jacque Njeri, elevates African identity to celestial heights

The act of looking forward and backward at the same time poses little challenge for artist Jacque Njeri. Her collage practice overcomes physical impossibility to propel viewers into a realm of simultaneous reflection on the past and vision for the future. Building on the theme of pan-African identity at the heart of her Stamp Series, Njeri’s latest project, MaaSci, imagines members of the eponymous tribe in striking science fiction (sci fi) locales. Whether leading expeditions on the moon, interacting with extraterrestrial life, or navigating interstellar travel, subjects appear at home among the stars...

Image: "'In future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.' - Sheryl Sandberg" by Jacque Njeri

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