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There’s A Reason Blink-182 Tickets Are So Expensive & You Can Blame Ticketmaster

The artists aren't innocent, either.

Your favourite artist is on tour and announces they're stopping in Montreal. You excitedly open Ticketmaster… but any seat you'd actually want costs an arm and a leg. You can either sell a body part for quick cash, pick a seat furthest from the stage or take to social media to complain. Many Montrealers opt for the latter, and they're not alone. A lot of Canadian show-goers are openly pissed that concerts by the biggest stars seem to cost way more now than in years past. That's all thanks to dynamic pricing. It turns out the algorithm-controlled cost model behind the dreaded Uber surge pricing is also behind why you can't afford the tickets to that Bell Centre concert you wanted to catch.

Published on MTL Blog.


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