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Artist Panel, "While No One Was Looking" Exhibition

I co-organized, filmed, and edited, this guided tour of the "While No One Was Looking" exhibition at MainLine Gallery. The video captures discussion between participating artists -- Ifeoma Anyaeji, Cécilia Bracmort, Kevin Calixte, JJ Levine, Ma'liCiouZ, and Shanna Strauss -- on issues of anti-colonialism, bearing witness, and commemoration of Indigenous peoples, peoples of colour, and immigrants in the context of Montreal's 375th anniversary. For more about the project, visit

Community Murals MTL

I was interviewed for this interactive web documentary on community murals in Montreal, created by Mariana Diez, Victoria Grudgeon, and Melissa Tamporello. Participants include Isabelle Duegay, Peter "Roadsworth" Gibson, Gene Pendon, Sofia Misenheimer, Nicolas Rivard, and Thibault Zimmer.

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